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Burlesque Bombshell Offered as Ladies Nights private bookings we will teach you how to move your body in a seductive way, then string those movements together in a sensual choreography. We will break down each movement, and add on to the choreography from week to week so that by the end of your session, you will have the confidence to share what you’ve learned with your main man.

Beginner Belly Dance
Learn the art of Belly Dance in this class for beginner participants. This ancient dance was developed specifically for the female body; here, you will learn new introductory movements from snake arms to chest pops to hip shimmies and (of course) - hip circles!

Choreographed Bellydance -  Dancers in this session should have taken an intermediate session at Tone previously; choreography will layer movements while incorporating the use of a veil. Ladies should be comfortable spinning and at ease using their shoulders, arms, and back.

Belly Blender  A different twist on the fusion of other dance styles and music into the world of Bellydance. Expect a mixture of different bellydance foundations (Egyptian, folkloric, Bollywood) with a Westernized – ie, North American – flare. The choreography is more in the style of cabaret, but definitely isn’t a traditional piece.

Fusion Bellydance This is a modern form of belly dance that infuses elements of popping, hip hop, Bhangra, cabaret, and even flamenco styles. The instructor (Krista) is completely in her element, and you will see her passion for this unique dance style as you learn how to fuse such unique styles together. We have learned that once you try it – you’ll be hooked for good.

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What to bring and wear:

Be sure to stay hydrated - bring a bottle of water.

Bellydance classes (including Fusion) are best done in bare feet.

In all adult classes, be comfortable in what you wear - either a tank top or t shirt with cotton crops or light sweat pants.

Note! Our studio is quite warm, especially when we get a group dancing in there...keep this in mind ;)